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October 4, 2011
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Wrath by korrupt10n Wrath by korrupt10n
Ah yes, World of Warcraft. Possibly my least favorite game of all time. For the most part I just wasn't a big MMO fan, repetitive quests that rarely differ from zone to zone and the need to team up with people to complete dungeons for better gear was more of a headache than it was worth. Though my main reasons for disliking the game were bad experiences on a personal level due to a girlfriend cheating on me with another player before ultimately leaving me for the ERP lifestyle in private sessions in BRD and MT.

That being said, I did this wallpaper for one reason. That lich dragon render or whatever the dragon's called was too freakin' awesome to pass up working with. As for the size difference this time, I'm finally back on my desktop and on 22" display, thus I can now tell what looks semi-appealing on a larger scale. Means I may have to try my hand at a bigger Deus Ex wallpaper as well.

And yes, I'm well aware Cataclysm has since launched and is the new warcraft standard. But I did most of my WoW career through Wrath on which I started on, before leaving the game for good three months perhaps after Cata launched.

World of Warcraft is property of Activison/Blizzard
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irrintra May 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
doodt. thayts hawt. o.o
xDreamWithMe Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah WotLK was definitely not my favorite expansion. But I love this wallpaper! :D
n1 work.
by the way: the most people in WoW arent that social, thats the reason why they play it ;-)
ergh, sorry to hear about your personal reasons for not liking the game. extremely well-rendered frost wyrm, though, very nicely detailed.
Sakura-Ikayuro Oct 6, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Fantastic wallpaper. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the game. But this frostwyrm is fantastic! I prefer Wrath / Burning Crusade to Cataclysm anyways. :3
Glad you enjoyed it, and yes I wish the experience was better as it wasn't a completely bad game. Just not my style. As many games as I've played I don't mind the grind, I guess I'm just not a very social person in the end. Which, defeats the MMO purpose. But I agree, I played Cata for just a few months and really regretted making that purchase. Wrath was a lot better.
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